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Project Details
Middle Magdalena Basin, Colombia
Resources Potential
Over 37 MMBo of conventional resources
More than 50,758.5 Acres
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VMM 39 Block

  • Great potential for conventional and unconventional resources
  • Three leads with conventional resources potential up to 37 MMBo
  • VMM 39 is located in the sweet spot of the best source rocks for the Middle Magdalena Basin: La Luna and Tablazo fms. More than 2 billion barrels of shale oil have been estimated of STOOIP from La Luna fm by Geoseis in the block
  • Identified leads for conventional resources have key elements of commercial accumulations serving as analogous, responsible of producing hundreds of millions of barrels of crude oil.
  • Direct contact between source rock (La Luna) and reservoirs above the Eocene Unconformity (La Paz/Esmeralda) is one of the key elements identified in the La Paz lead equally identified in fields such as Cira/Infantas, Llanito/Galan and Casabe.
  • Conventional reservoirs including multi-stack siliciclastic levels in La Paz and Lisama Fm.
  • Exploration Commitments: Phase 1: 43.4 Km + 1 exploration well
  • Phases 2: 20.55 Km2 + 2 exploration wells
  • NPV 10: US$ 192.6 MM. Case type: 24.6 MMBo (best estimate)
  • Expected IRR: 53%

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Office Telephone: +57 1 2121501
Calle 67 No. 7-94, Office 601, Bogotá, Colombia