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Project Details
Guajira, Colombia
Resources Potential
Over 2.0 Tcf of gas
More than 245,623 Acres
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Tiburón Block

  • Three (3) Prospects with resources potential over 2.0 Tcf of dry gas
  • Near to gas production in Chuchupa/Ballena/Riohacha fields (120 kms). Peak of production 900 mmscfd, cumulative production: 7 Tcf
  • Near to giant gas discovery in Perla gas field In Venezuela (70 Kms).
  • Initial estimates of Perla prospective resources go to 17 Tcf.
  • Near to Orca-1 well (43 kms) the most recent discovery in the Colombian offshore.
  • Gas shows in all wells drilled in the block: Uashir-1, Puerto Estrella-1 and Flamenco-1
  • Extract of rock in Puerto Estrella-1 from Oligocene sequence suggests than trace of crude oil founded in the samples would correspond to migrated hydrocarbon from older source rock.
  • Detail analysis of chromatograms suggest its marine origin, very similar to those encountered in crude oil coming from La Luna Fm, a world class of Cretaceous source rock in Venezuela and Colombia.
  • According to seismic and geochemical info Tiburon block would be in the fair pathway from the same kitchen which sourced Perla and Orca discoveries.
  • Exploration Commitments: Phase 3: 70 Km2 of 3D Seismic
  • Phases 4-6: Two exploration wells per phase
  • NPV 10: US$ 1.7 Bn. Case type: 1.6 Tcf (best estimate)
  • Expected IRR: 150%

Downstream uses for the gas

  • Fertilizers (Ammonium plant).
  • LNG/CNG Plants.
  • Ethanol Plant.
  • Power generation
  • Petrochemical

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Office Telephone: +57 1 2121501
Calle 67 No. 7-94, Office 601, Bogotá, Colombia